COMING JULY 10, 2014! 
The thrilling sequel to Bot Wars, perfect for fans of Skylanders!

Trout St. Kroix can't believe that his half-human/half-robot father is the leader of the Meta-Rise, the robot civil rights movement. Trout can’t even enjoy being a Bot Territory celebrity, because it also puts his whole family in danger. Ratch, a robot and former friend, has found a way to take control of robot Thinkchips, and under Ratch's control, all bots—including Trout's dad—would become Ratch's drones. CanTrout—and his friends Vee and Tellie Rix, along with brother Po—find a way to stop Ratch before Trout loses his father all over again?


Twelve-year-old Trout St. Kroix has been searching for his missing father for the last two years, after his dad disappeared while fighting in the Bot Wars. The Bot Wars began after robots became so advanced that they revolted and demanded more workers' rights, causing the government to declare all robots terrorists and ban them from the Districts. Trout never questioned anything the government told him--even when his own nanny bot was banished--until a vid he posts about his missing dad goes viral and new information pops up. At first Trout is wrenched his dad might be alive, but when his brother disappears, Trout learns nothing is what it seems . . . not even his own father.

Percy Jackson meets Transformers in this heart-stopping, futuristic adventure that will make you question everything you know--and look at robots in a whole new light.

Published by Dial/Penguin

From Publisher's Weekly: "Strong characterizations and nifty tech keep Kade’s story from succumbing to a relatively predictable “everything you know is wrong” dystopian plot. Kade’s robots tread the fine line between the familiar and the alien, and her world-building shows potential, resulting in an entertaining reading experience."

From Publisher's Marketplace:
J.V. Kade's debut BOT WARS, set in a futuristic world where humans and robots are at war, and about a boy who goes on a search to find his missing military father, to Kate Harrison at Dial Children's, in a pre-empt, in a good deal, in a two-book deal, by Joanna Volpe at Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation (World English).

German rights to Ravensburger


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    1. That would be awesome, wouldn't it? I hope it happens sometime in the future! Fingers crossed!

    2. your book is so thrilling pls make another story continuing the Bot Wars the meta rise

    3. But if you are making the movie for Bot Wars The Mera Rise isn't the kissing scene at the end kinda awkward ?

  2. Is there going to be a third book

  3. JV Kade what does wrenched, bolt head and rain clogger mean?? pls rply. Thx!

    Btw awesome book i love it!

    1. wrenched means cool bolt head means dumbass rain cloger means dumbass as well

  4. JV Kade I'd love it if you would make another book, I'd love to know what happens to Ratch's Black box, Whether they bring him back(Im really hoping this happens because he just happens to be my favorite character) or if they leave his black box alone and will Tellie stay in Bot Territory or move back to the UD

  5. PLEASE make another bot wars book and make a movie for both books please

  6. The book trailer, uploaded by brand new movie Trailers on Dec, 4, 2014 is AMAZING btw, if anyone is interested...

  7. mrs. kade please make another book or maybe a graphic novel because authors don't make a lot of money but the books are awesome and as soon is i here a bot wars book is coming out i will be one of the first to bye it please make another book please