Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Look!

I've been working on redesigning this site for a long time. I am picky about design elements, and I went back and forth on what I wanted. I obviously wanted the site to go along with the design of THE META-RISE and BOT WARS covers, but I also wanted it to have it's own feel, too. I'm quite partial to everything tribal and summer camp, so I went with something a little in the middle.

I dig using wood as a texture, so I used it here as the background image. And arrows! I love arrows. I love them so much I got one tattooed on my arm. But instead of taking the literal approach here, I used just an arrowhead image for the header.

I hope you like the new look! I'll be updating more over the next few weeks, including adding more fun details to the FAQ page, so check back soon!